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We partner with leading technology companies to learn how technology is transforming industries, and teach the critical tech skills that companies are looking for in their workforce.


With our experienced lecturers and industry-first designed programme, we launch Brain Foundation with a mission to prepare everyone for the next generation jobs.


Our program includes instructor-led workshops about real world applications of machine learning, big data, cloud and best practices from the industry. If you have a background in computer science, or have some knowledge in machine learning - these workshops are for you.


Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of machine learning, as well as Scikit-Learn, one of the most popular Python machine learning libraries.

Emphasis will be placed on supervised learning, especially an important area of machine learning, in which the primary goal is to find a function that maps input x to output y using training data.

Together we will go through all the stages of creating a single ML model, from formulating problems, handling training and test data, processing them, applying ML algorithms to evaluating the performance of the model itself.

Djordje Grozdic, Ph.D
Senior Data Scientist, Grid Dynamics

Dive into the world of deep learning with Tensorflow, the most popular open-source framework for developing deep learning models.

Build your own models and apply them to real business use-case.

What you’ll learn:

+ Best practices for Tensorflow, Keras, Scipy and more
+ Process real-world images in real-time using convolutional neural networks
+ Build a natural language processing pipeline with RNN’s and LSTM’s
+ Carry Out Pre-Processing, Standardization, Normalization, and Regularization
+ Deploy Tensorflow models to production

Milos Milunovic
Software Engineer | AI/ML | LazyBrain

Data engineering is a very important in storing, organizing and making use of data. The speed and volume of information we generate everyday is incredible, because every-time you open your phone, visit website, click an app, or make a purchase, you're creating data.

Organizations across industries are investing a lot of time to reinvent themselves in order to use data to better serve the customers, and build more intelligent products.

For that reasons, we are going to model data, build production-ready data warehouses, and data lakes, process massive amounts of data using modern tools and automate data pipelines.

Velimir Bulatovic
Software Engineer | Chairman at LazyBrain